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Why Alibeg  ?

Regional leader

We have been guaranteeing quality for many years.

A humane solution

Not harmful to birds.

Health norms

Cleanliness and hygiene is half the battle



Houses and apartments

Positions of beams, gutters, window sills, badges, attics, fences, balconies, terraces.

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Business subjects

Warehouses, production facilities, canopies, shopping malls, halls, markets, catering facilities.
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Special facilities

Airports, stadiums, agricultural crops, plantations, landfills, parks, farms, boats, beaches.
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Needle protection Alibeg / secure protection.

Alibeg needle protection from birds is certainly considered to be the most effective solution when it comes to problems with birds. Proper installation and selection of different arrangement of needles, which are applied in different positions in 100% of cases solves the problem with birds. An important note is that needle protection cannot in any way harm or injure birds but only control the places where they stay. By instinctively approaching the needles at a distance of 20 cm, the birds simply stop and look for a position for their natural habitat. Alibeg needle protection is composed of original stainless steel needles which, unlike many, are not subject to rust or other external influences. With a plastic base that is attached to a large number of different substrates with silicone glue and which is resistant to all weather conditions.



Frequent use of four-row needle protection is on private residential houses, ie on beams, gutter slopes, window sills, badges, air conditioners, cameras, sims, etc.


While single-row needle protection is used on the edges of the building, on smaller areas up to 7 cm. And which during its installation looks almost invisible.

Years of epx

Finished projects

10 Years of representation of the American company BirdX from Chicago

For a decade now, we have been representatives of the largest American landing control company, BirdX Chicago, whose only official representatives are for the Balkans and Eastern Europe. This is evidenced by the certificates of sale and installation and servicing of the same, which you can see below.

Successfully implemented projects

For us, no project is too big or too small.

For a whole decade, we have been working on perfecting techniques and approaches to protect you in a humane and harmless way for birds from all the impurities and diseases that birds bring with them when they stay in private and public facilities. We have several thousand assemblies and installations of equipment behind us that it is difficult to list everything, but some of the biggest and our favorites are the following: Sebilj, Sarajevo City Hall, Sarajevo Airport, Natron Hayat, Grbavica Stadium, Prevent, Begova Džamija, Pavlovića banka, Agram osiguranje, Mercator , Railways of the Federation, Andric grad, BHTelecom, Argeta, Pijaca Markale … and many others.







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