Houses and apartments

Your key solution to bird problems Alibeg bird protection.

The distribution of birds and their freedom of movement is great in urban areas. They find it easier to get food, in containers or parks where people feed them, which can be called a humane act. However, they very often find habitats in places where they can cause great hygiene, aesthetic, and health risks to people. Birds are carriers of a large number of viruses and due to their movement in various infectious places, they are themselves a source of infection. It is up to us to prevent and control certain places in our homes and thus protect ourselves. In doing so, care must be taken to give birds the freedom that is of great importance to nature. Our vision of protection is humane solutions for controlling the landing of birds.

Beam problems

The most common habitats for birds, primarily pigeons, and sparrows, are the beams under the roof. They represent a major hygienic and aesthetic problem that is very easy to solve. That’s why we’re here!

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Apartments and problems with balconies

For balconies in apartments if it is not possible to install needle protection as well as for problems with woodpeckers, for sparrows and swallows, we suggest the Balcony guard or Ultrason X ultrasound machine.

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Gutter / gutters

Protection of gutters from feces and other impurities left behind by birds. It is best to use needle protection which is a safe solution to the problem.

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For the protection of badges and attics in which birds are very often drawn, we suggest the use of needle protection as a safe solution in protection from birds.

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Window sills

Another very commonplace to keep birds in houses is window sills. Protect yourself safely and humanely. You control the landing of birds in your environment.

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Facade protection from woodpeckers

Your facades are very sensitive to the penetrating drilling that the woodpecker makes. Distract from your house and direct the woodpecker into its natural habitus.

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Protection of houses from swallows

Swallows, birds that have the strongest saliva in the animal world, build houses and nest on the ceilings of houses, beams, etc.

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