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Alibeg d.o.o. Sarajevo – Bird Protection is the first and only registered company in BiH that manufactures and sells professional solutions for dispersing birds.


Since 2011, we have become the first company in the entire region to produce needle protection from birds, which for years has been considered the most efficient solution to the problem of unwanted landings and retention of birds. Our product, which we are very proud of, has already become known in the region as an extremely high-quality product that in some segments even surpasses the products of other, world-famous manufacturers of this type of protection.

Since 2012, we have become the exclusive certified dealers for the sale/distribution of Bird-X products from Chicago. Also, we are certified to install the same products of this world brand. In ours
all products of this renowned manufacturer can be found in the range.


Our products are safe, humane, and above all environmentally friendly solutions for birds landing control and are the result of many years of research and testing in this area. All our products are completely harmless to birds. They don’t hurt them in any way, they just drive them out of a certain area, solving your big problem.

Thanks to constant production and very good cooperation with our partners, in our range you can always find some of the products that will best suit the specifics of your characteristics. problems.

Also, as part of our offer, you can find highly professional teams that perform fast and efficient installation of all products in our range throughout BiH and the region.

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We cover the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania …


Ecological solution and hygienic superiority


A humane way of controlling bird landings


Big savings on cleaning costs

years of experience

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