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What do the law and experts say about bird problems?

The Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs said that it is a legal obligation for food business operators to prevent access and retention of birds in facilities, and to ensure a general measure for the prevention and control of infectious diseases – food safety, and sanitary and hygienic conditions for their production and trade in accordance with the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases. If customers notice the presence of birds or any other animals in the area where food is traded or stored, the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs says that citizens can report to the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs of KS, in known ways, and for those who do not know You can find out more details on the official website of the Administration ( Sanitary inspectors and food inspectors, when performing regular inspections if they notice the presence of animals in the area, inspectors issue administrative measures (decisions and misdemeanor orders) in accordance with the law.