As the first drone of its class made specifically for bird control, the patented ProHawk® UAV combines a sonic bird repeller with the latest autonomous flight GPS technology and design. It’s one of the most effective ways to repel unwanted birds without causing any harm to them or the environment.

This Bird-X drone bird deterrent combines the visual and physical presence of a flying “predator” with sonic noise bird repellers proven to keep unwanted birds away. The naturally recorded predator cries and distress calls mimic a noisy, physical and terrifying intrusion for the birds you want to repel. Bird-X drone bird control products are always humane and eco-friendly. The ProHawk® UAV is a bird repellent you can feel good about using.

For fully autonomous flight, simply program the ProHawk® UAV bird deterrent drone and begin. It will launch, patrol the area and land on its own. Users are also able to set “waypoints” to perfectly customize patrol areas via GPS technology. The terrifying physical presence is heightened by sonic predator sounds.

The ProHawk® UAV is made in the USA with professional-grade carbon fiber construction and the option to install a camera, if desired. This drone bird repellent is ideal for commercial applications, where a falcon or manual drone would be traditionally used.

Benefits of Drones for Bird Control

The Bird-X ProHawk® UAV is the most effective drone to scare birds away. In addition to being 100 percent humane and environmentally friendly, this pest control drone features industry-leading technology that’s proven to keep unwanted birds away.

The following are some of the benefits of using a bird deterrent drone:

  • Bird-X drones are effective bird control devices, combining sight with a threatening physical presence and natural sounds.
  • Our bird deterrent drones are easy to maintain and operate with the latest GPS technology and more.
  • Bird repellent drones can replace expensive falconers, providing a more reliable and affordable alternative. The autonomous flight feature means less man-hours are required to keep birds at bay.
  • Pest control drones cover large areas more effectively than other systems.